This will be applied more to these types of models that i will put below, but anyw. Last month i was visiting someone and when i went out to go home, the car would not start, no clicking of starter solenoid.

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A rapid clicking noise when trying to start your car could mean there's something wrong within the electrical system.

Car won't start just clicks but battery is good. Why is it that my car won’t start; Why a club car ds clicks but won’t move. Use a voltmeter to check the static voltage of the batteries.

Also you can have a faulty ignition switch. Car won't start, and all i hear is a clicking noise. Truck wont start unless jumped, just clicks, but battery, starter, alt test good.

Defective alternator diode or some kind of. Hi, my truck requires a jump to start. If, however, you determine the battery is good, you could be dealing with a faulty starter, loose/corroded battery cables, or an engine mechanical problem.

The car does not start, but the radio works. Solenoid clicks, no crank, battery voltage good. You turn the key to the “start” position, but the engine does not start;

A faulty starter solenoid or relay. It clicks and won't start everything lights up good radio plays, horn honk, but won'. At that point, i assumed the battery cable clamps had been.

Another common reason for your car won’t start, but the battery is good is a bad starter. Battery good, wont turn over, just a click when try. If the car won’t start clicking noise but battery is good, the real culprit is the parasitic drain.

If it starts, then dies, you might have an issue with the alternator. If the source of the clicking is electrical, the starter (a small motor energized by the battery that gets the engine running. Look for any of these signs of a bad starter:

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Don't panic and think you have a major breakdown. However, battery tests at 13.46v while off. This is a very common problem:

I agree with the above posts that suggest dead/weak battery. What you are going to see in this video, is a sample not for you to do it. Fixing or replacing it is the only solution.

Here is why this is most likely a dead battery problem: Battery good but won't start 4 answers. All the areas mentioned above are place to start and troubleshooting steps.

A damaged alternator could be another reason for an unresponsive battery. Turn the engine with a wrench to check if the starter gear jam in the flywheel. The solenoid is clicking but the starter motor doesn't have enough juice to spin.

If you have a volt/ohm meter simply check the voltage across the battery terminals. Car battery won't start just clicks. Perhaps your battery's dead, or your alternator, which charges the battery, isn't working correctly.

Very often this can be due to a low battery or a. No change trickle charged multimeter reads 12.3v on battery checked voltage. Also you should slow charge the battery overnight and see if the car will start in the morning.

If battery is good but no clicking when trying to start then the problem is in the key area or alarm system. Loose, damaged, or corroded battery cables. Follow these steps toward a resolution:

2) if the starter is bad, it makes clicking sound, but will not crank. Your vehicle’s starter is responsible for transferring the electrical current received by the battery to the starter solenoid to crank the engine and get it going. The car won't start, you hear a clicking noise, and the battery seems good.

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To be certain your car is in good condition, you need to turn on your headlights. If you have full battery with good cable connections and you get very active clicking but no starts then the solenoid on the starter has burned contacts. If your starter motor clicks more than once when you attempt to get your car running, there are several possible causes:

An electrical system in your vehicle draws excessive current from. Your engine will not start Car won’t start just clicks but battery is good if you are certain your battery is in good working condition but your car isn’t turning over, then the problem must be from the ignition switch.

If it turns over the engine then repair your starter. I removed the starter and had that checked it it worked fine. Check whether the batteries are working fine.

The readings should be around 50v. The car won’t start clicking noise will happen if the alternator cannot provide the requisite voltage output for any reason. This morning try to crank it.

Same exact reading at the solenoid. A dead battery is the most common cause of a vehicle that makes a clicking noise but doesn’t start. It just clicks a bunch when i turn the key.

Alternator tested good at autozo. It just clicks, but the battery is good? The car won't start, you hear clicking noise, but the lights work.

If your club car makes a clicking sound but doesn’t move, the issue could be due to a faulty battery or damage to the internal controller. You only hear a single click or repeated clicks coming from the engine compartment. Check if your terminals are tight, when starting tap the starter with a hammer or bar.

I took the battery to have it checked and it was fully charged. It should be a little over twelve volts with the car off. Rented a 2010 chevy cobalt yesterday it was driving and cranking with no problem.

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