I've used it approximately 60x, pea sized amount per pit and i still have some left. Watch us do the smell test to see which one we like most.

Lume Deodorant Smell Test – We Sniff The Newest Scents – Two Moms Review

Unscented (which does have a slight smell) and the popular lavender sage.

Best lume scent reddit. Lume natural deodorant has 3 new scents. The other scents are in traditional deodorant packaging. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Lume is intended not just for your underarms but your entire. Does not leave residue on clothing. Some of their scents are strong enough to cover it up (jasmine rose), but then of course you get the strong smell.

I have been using lume for 5 months and have just stopped using it. I’m thinking i might need to go a different route because i believe i’m perimenopausal and my hormones have changed drastically. Rubs in cleanly like a lotion.

I liked the scent, and the deodorant seemed to work as advertised, keeping me odor free all day. Controls odor for up to 72 hours. In the past i've used schmidt's original and sensitive, native, and an independent etsy brand.

All soaps come in a bar form and are easy to use in the tub or shower. The best natural deodorant for men | lume deodorant. Bright tangerine balanced with cooling herbals.

Amy patton calls it a garbage. The unscented and the new silver spruce scent comes in lotion form. So i feel your pain!lume is, by far, the best natural deodorant i’ve found but there are definitely still days where it lacks the oomph i need to cut through those awful hormone sweats.

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Previously they had 2 scents: Lume stops bacteria from feeding off our fluids, which in turn prevents the odors from happening. Have you ever laid down on your pillow, only to realize that your pet has been drooling on it?

Lume is a newer deodorant and smell reducing product you can use all over your body. With the unscented soap, you can clean your skin without worrying about lingering scents. It's a mandelic acid based product.

I purchased the 3oz lume unscented deodorant in the tube for $19usd. The best part is that it accomplishes all this while still. A little goes a long way!

But, i didn’t really think it was doing all that well. Don’t take our word for it, let thousands of rave reviews speak for themselves. Can be used anywhere you sweat, even on sensitive skin.

I had the jasmine rose scent. They’re not only for your underarms lumes’ unique formulations can be used on any external region of your body, so you won’t have to worry about the hazardous assault from harsh chemicals. Also, one of my kids was really struggling with body odor as well as they were going through puberty.

You use this, you won't even have to use anything the next day! Just ordered the sampler set, it should be here today and i’ll. According to her facebook review, your natural body odor smells way better than lume deodorant.

Since i bought a single stick, my deodorant cost $13.99, but if you subscribe to receive it on a recurring basis (every 1, 2, or 3 months), each stick costs $12.59. And honesty any lemon and/or clean mint scented candle for the. If you have a favorite deodorant scent, lume lets you buy the same scent as a soap.

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The best thing i’ve come up with is that it smells like dried spit. Using lume has been an ongoing trial for me. Safe for any external use.

Bath and bodyworks in “eucalyptus mint” (good for bathrooms) apothecary filled jar candle from worldmarket in “island hibiscus”. Unfortunately lots of users complain that this natural fragrance has a horrible smell. Use to have mild bo, the last couple days it smells like onions.

Lume delivers odor control like no other natural deodorant. Initially i was really impressed. I was given a stick of lume by a friend who had ordered it to try herself and liked it.

Lume deodorant is conscious of those that need unscented options due to allergies or preferences. The smell of lume’s core product is unpleasant. Lume was probably best but the two scents i have smell like sour milk.

One of lume's 3oz tubes will offer 150 underarm applications (two armpits) or 300 anywhere else uses. Glade candle in the scent “angel whispers” (they carry glade candles almost everywhere.) bath and bodyworks candle in “champagne toast”. Initially, i tried lume because i was personally struggling with bad underarm odors.

Lume is also now available for purchase on amazon and at some walmart locations, in limited scents and for a greater cost than on lume’s own site. That is why lume now makes natural soaps that use the organic and natural ingredients you love. Since having my last child i’ve struggled with bigger hormone spikes which have been causing crazy bo for me.

Lume deodorant is a natural and organic deodorant that is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

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